Home Weather Station

A weather station is an electronic device designed to be used in the home, both to predict the weather and to display current weather conditions outside. A weather station typically comes with one or more sensors that are placed outside, in addition to the display station that is left inside. The sensors may be wired, and need to threaded through a window, or they may be wireless and able to be placed anywhere. It is important to follow the directions for sensor placement in order to get the most accurate weather readings.

A weather station is a fairly simple gadget that typically features a display screen and a few buttons to change the items currently being displayed, or to access different features. At its most basic, this type of electronic weather gadget is able to display the current indoor and outdoor temperatures. Temperature may be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius measures. In addition, many are able to sense and display items such as humidity, barometric pressure,wind speed, wind chill, heat index, and dew point, among others. A weather station with indicators such as these can make it easier to make plans for the day, as well as to choose the most appropriate way to dress to be comfortable.

In addition to current weather conditions, a weather station may be able to predict future weather and alert users to approaching storms. Many have ice alert features as well. Basic temperature and weather condition forecasts may be displayed, generally in a 12 to 24 hour period. An atomic clock is also commonly included on a weather station, typically with an alarm. A moon phase indicator may also be included. Typically, a weather station will get more expensive depending on the amount of its features and capabilities.

Weather stations typically do not run on batteries, and instead must be plugged into an electrical outlet, though there are exceptions. They are typically fairly inexpensive, and may be found in most department stores, discount stores, or online. When purchasing an electronic gadget online it may be helpful to read reviews written by other consumers, who may be able to illustrate how well the weather station works over time, and how capable it is at predicting the weather. Weather stations can make great presents as well, particularly as a housewarming gift for people who have just moved to a new area, and may not be accustomed to the local weather yet.

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