What are the Benefits of a Digital Rain Gauge?

A digital rain gauge is a device used in the collection and measurement of rainfall for a particular area. There are many differences between digital and traditional gauges. Convenience of the digital gauge is a big plus, as is accuracy. Timeliness and added features, such as thermometers and wireless transmission, also make the digital rain gauge particularly useful.

The convenience of a digital rain gauge is a clear advantage over a traditional rainwater measuring device. Pre-electronic models consisted of a clear plastic tube with markings in inches or millimeters to determine how much rain fell. A digital model comes with a wireless digital weather station that acts as a main control panel to the collection tube. The station reads the level of water in the tube and displays it for users, removing the need to go out into the elements to check the water level to determine the amount of rainfall.

Accuracy is another excellent benefit of a digital rain gauge. Traditional methods of rainwater monitoring consisted of an individual physically looking at the rain level and making an educated guess about the precise amount of water in the collection tube. The sophisticated gauges present in a digital rain gauge allow for precise measurements of the rain. This benefit is a valuable tool for individuals who need to know exact numbers, such as meteorologists, and for home weather enthusiasts.

A digital rain gauge offers an element that a traditional model cannot: timeliness. Every drop of rain that falls into a collection tube is instantly measured in a digital model. When the level of water rises even a fraction, the weather station reports it immediately to the user. This ensures the most up-to-date reading possible at all times.

Measuring the amount of rain in an area is the primary job of any rain gauge, but a digital rain gauge also offers several other options for users. A thermometer is present in many digital gauges, so users can immediately know the outdoor and indoor temperature without having to leave the room. Accumulation data is also a major benefit of owning a wireless rain gauge. Many models have computers in the weather station that allow users to see the amount of rain that has fallen during a particular period of time. The computer’s memory allows users to see the total accumulation of a specific day, a week, a month and even a year, in many cases.

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