What are Weather Clocks?

Weather clocks are clocks that tell the temperature and current weather conditions. This is normally in a digital format. Some models may be portable, while others are wall-mounted. They can also be found on flashlights and watches. These clocks often have other features such as an alarm, radio, and date stamp.

Most of the time, weather clocks are small devices designed to be placed on a table ornightstand. They often have an alarm feature on them. When people wake up in the morning, they can look at the clock to see what the current temperature is along with the day’s forecast. Some models may even speak this information.

Some can be larger clocks that are hung on the wall. These normally display the time in digital format at the top. The bottom may show the temperature along with symbols to represent sunny weather, rain, or snow. Weather clocks like these are often battery operated, so they are useful even if there is a power outage.

In addition to portable and wall-mounted models, weather clocks can also be found on flashlights and watches. Flashlights with these instruments are normally waterproof and clip onto a backpack or belt. Weather watches come in a variety of styles, and may include a cover to keep moisture from getting into them.

There are both indoor and outdoor weather clocks. Outdoor types are usually waterproof types with a thick glass case over the top of them. They may have larger numbers than indoor types, since people often read them from a distance. Other models are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and can be placed in barns or garages.

Although weather clocks are normally digital, some may have traditional clock hands. Others may have a combination of the two styles. Clocks such as these may display the time or barometric pressure with the use of a dial or hands, and use a digital readout to display the temperature and forecast.

Many people need to plan their activities according to the weather forecast. Weather clocks are a great way to do this. Having one of these in a home or office can save a great deal of time, as individuals do not need to search for this information on the Internet or make time to watch the local weather forecast. This can make buying one of these clocks a good idea, no matter what model is chosen.

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